Markets We Serve

Sales & Service of Gretagmacbeth on-line products in North America.

  • Paper
  • Coated Glass
  • Textiles
  • Coil Coating
  • Extruded Plastics
  • Plastic Pellets
  • Woven or knitted textiles
  • Paints and plaster
  • Powders (kaolin, cement, marble, chalk, detergent,…)
  • Pigments

Are You Frustrated with….

  • Long color grade change times?
  • Uncertainty of your color between reels?
  • The inability to document color throughout the reel?
  • Older unreliable color measurement system?
  • Customer complaints for off-color product?
  • High broke inventories?
  • Your legacy system experiencing “step-out” when standardizing

We may have a solution for you.



Advantages of single point vs. scanning color measurement

  • No “step-out” of measurement after instrument calibrates (standardizes)
  • No averaging of measurements across the web. This average measurement can never be found
  • Measurement noise is added in by scanning, i.e., across web variations in opacity, profile problems, etc…
  • Color can’t be controlled across the web
  • Paper samples are measured in the lab for final QC color approval. These samples are taken from the drive side (single point) of the reel
  •  The ERX50 online system can be installed on a maintenance day

We can demonstrate our system on your paper machine


 Special Advantages of the ERX Product Family

  • Ambient light, web speed and normal flutter have no effect on the accurate measurement results.
  • The instrument is robust, splashwater tight (IP65) and only needs minimum maintenance
  • The long life Xenon flashlamp (1 year warranty) is inexpensive.
  • Multiple displays of measurement results.
  • Base color and optical brighteners are measured separately. Therefore both components can be controlled independently.
  • Same as in lab: Stable color measurement data even when basis weight changes. Only the opacity changes.
  • Excellent results with spectral resolution of 1nm.
  • Alarm signal, link to QCS, PI, MOPS systems